Demo to 'Project Lead the Way' High School Students

I visited Marshalltown Senior High School in December 2014 to share and demonstrate some of my recent developments to grade 9-12 students within the 'Project Lead the Way' program. Being an alumnus of the high school myself in 2010, I also answered questions from the students about what college was like, why I studied technical fields, and what classes the students could enroll in to follow a similar line of study themselves. 

After the Q&A session, the students were able to get a hands-on demo with emerging consumer and research technologies. Each student in each class throughout the day got a chance to sit in front of our live 3D video telepresence system and have their face 3D scanned. The scan was then live streamed to another computer where fellow classmates took turns viewing their friend within an Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality headset. Students also had the chance to interact with a Leap Motion Controller to play games and view 3D models of their hands in real time. 

Overall, the students loved it, I'd say. Many of the students had heard of 3D technologies (especially printing) already. They had especially been following virtual reality, yet had never had the opportunity to try it. Overall, all of the technology was met with nothing but excitement and future ideas of what was possible using it. Seeing the kids excited about new technology was great, yet viewing their excitement about studying similar fields once they got to college, such that they could help create it one day, was even better.