XYZT Lab is located at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. We innovate optical technologies to optically acquire information in 3D (X, Y, Z) space and time (T) domain, and to develop novel methods to process/understand 3D optical data. Our recent innovations include the development of the first-ever real-time 3D optical metrology, the superfast (e.g., kHz) 3D optical metrology, 3D video telepresence technology, and Holostream: 3D mobile communication technology.

 We aim at innovating 3D technology to improve lives of many. Our work has been used by cardiovascular physiologist to measure cardiac mechanics at  high spatiotemporal resolution; by a surgeon to quantitatively study facial movements in 3D for facial paralysis diagnosis;  by augmented reality (AR) experts to develop AR-based authoring tools to improve U.S. manufacturing productivity and competitiveness by enhancing the quality, while reducing time and error for the manufacturing workforce; and by engineers from manufacturer to design better debris management system by experimentally measuring debris on the fly. In addition, our work directly supported the rock band Radiohead to create "House of Cards" to capture subtle features in singing; and supported Zaftig Films to produce the movie Focus (II) starring Will Smith.