XYZT Lab is located at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Our mission is to explore novel approaches to perform accurate measurements in 3D (X, Y, Z) space and in time (T) domain, and to apply our discoveries and engineering solutions to other disciplines. Our research focuses on the high-speed 3D optical sensing/imaging at scales ranging from nanometer to meter range, and expands to diverse related scientific and engineering disciplines. Specifically, we strive to develop technologies within two platforms, high-speed 3D optical sensing (kHz to MHz) and real-time 3D video telepresence, that allow us to explore various application areas through collaborations and to conquer the grand challenges in those disciplines. Ultimately, our goals are in advancing science, propelling engineering solutions, and improving our society at large.

Our research has resulted in a number of breakthrough technologies including the first-ever real-time 3D imaging system, kHz 3D optical sensing method, and 3D video telepresence technology. Our work frequently appears on the public media, features on journal covers, and wins honors and awards.

Our technology has been used by Radiohead to create their "House of Cards" music video and by Zaftig Films to produce the movie Focus (II) starring Will Smith. We have explored or are still exploring application areas including medicine, biometrics, homeland security, robotics, manufacturing, 3D mobile video communication, human-computer interaction, and entertainment.