"Phase-optimized dithering technique for high-quality 3D shape measurement," Opt. Laser Eng., (2013)

[51] J. Dai and S. Zhang, "Phase-optimized dithering technique for high-quality 3D shape measurement," Opt. Laser Eng. 51(6), 790-795, 2013; doi: 10.1016/j.optlaseng.2013.02.003


Our recent study showed that the Bayer-dithering technique could substantially improve 3D measurement quality for the binary defocusing method. Yet, the dithering technique was developed to optimize the appearance or intensity representation, rather than the phase, of an image. This paper presents a framework to optimize the Bayer-dithering technique in phase domain by iteratively mutating the status (0 or 1) of a binary pixel. We will demonstrate that the proposed optimization technique can drastically reduce the phase error when the projector is nearly focused.