"Structured light system calibration method with optimal fringe angle," Appl. Opt., (2014)

B. Li* and S. Zhang, "Structured light system calibration method with optimal fringe angle," Appl. Opt., 53(13), 7942-7950, 2014 (Cover feature); doi: 10.1364/AO.53.007942


For structured light system calibration, one popular approach is to treat the projector as an inverse camera. This is usually performed by projecting horizontal and vertical sequences of patterns to establish one-to-one mapping between camera points and projector points. However, for a well-designed system, either horizontal or vertical fringe images are not sensitive to depth variation and thus yield inaccurate mapping. As a result, the calibration accuracy is jeopardized if a conventional calibration method is used. To address this limitation, this paper proposes a novel calibration method based on optimal fringe angle determination. Experiments demonstrate that our calibration approach can increase the measurement accuracy up to 38% compared to the conventional calibration method with a calibration volume of 300H mm × 250W mm × 500D mm.