"Three-dimensional shape measurement with dual reference phase maps, " Opt. Eng. ,(2014)

[58] J. Dai, C. Gong*, and S. Zhang, "Three-dimensional shape measurement with dual reference phase maps, " Opt. Eng. 53(1), 014102, 2014; doi: 10.1117/1.OE.53.1.014102


Single reference-phase-based methods have been extensively utilized in digital fringe projection systems, yet they might not provide the maximum sensitivity given a hardware system configuration. This paper presents an innovative method to improve the measurement quality by utilizing two orthogonal phase maps. Specifically, two reference phase maps generated from horizontal and vertical (i.e., orthogonal) fringe patterns projected are combined into a vector reference phase map through a linear combination for depth extraction. The experiments have been conducted to verify the superiority of the proposed method over a conventional single reference-phase-based approach.