"Intensity-optimized dithering technique for high-quality 3d shape measurement," Opt. Laser Eng., 2014

J. Dai, B. Li*, and S. Zhang, "Intensity-optimized dithering technique for high-quality 3d shape measurement," Opt. Laser Eng. 53, 79-85, 2014; doi: 10.1016/j.optlaseng.2013.08.015

Our previously proposed phase-based optimization method [1] has proven successful in improving the measurement quality when a dithering technique is used. This paper presents an intensity-based optimization method for 3D shape measurement with binary dithering techniques. Both simulations and experiments find that the phase-based optimization method can generate high-quality phase under a given condition, but it is sensitive to the amount of defocusing. In contrast, the proposed intensity-based optimization method can consistently generate high-quality phase with various amounts of defocusing.