"Enhanced two-frequency phase-shifting method," Appl. Opt. (2016)

[82] J. -S. Hyun, and S. Zhang, "Enhanced two-frequency phase-shifting method," Appl. Opt., 55(16), 4395-4401, 2016; doi: 10.1364/AO.55.004395


One of the major challenges of employing a two-frequency (or -wavelength) phase-shifting algorithm for absolute three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement is its sensitivity to noise. Therefore, three- or morefrequency phase-shifting algorithms are often used in lieu of a two-frequency phase-shifting algorithm for applications where the noise is severe. This paper proposes a method to use geometric constraints of digital fringe projection (DFP) system to substantially reduce the noise impact by allowing the use of more than one period of equivalent phase map for temporal phase unwrapping. Experiments successfully verified the enhanced performance of the proposed method without increasing the number of patterns.